Thoughtfulness in worship and in preaching, and warmth of friendship characterise our diverse community. We are a Christian family of all ages, from a wide range of backgrounds – socially, geographically and denominationally. In that, we are simply reflecting the amazing diversity and vitality of the West End of Glasgow.






Our Minister

Rev. Catriona Gorton, M.Phil., B.A., B.Sc.(Eng).

You can visit her blog.


Because of structural difficulties, our sanctuary is currently closed, so we meet in ‘The Tryst' next door. Consequently, the congregation is being challenged to explore God's purpose for her ministry, and the possible redevelopment of the premises. Inevitably, this has led to some disruption of our activities, but it makes life exciting, as we try to work out what it means to be a witnessing and serving Christian community in the heart of Glasgow's West End in the 21st century.




October 2014


Our services are normally held each Sunday at 11am and 7pm. 


Morning Services are currently being held in The Tryst. There is a crèche for children up to the age of 3, and older children go out to Sunday School during the service. (Just follow the crowd!) You are invited to stay for a cup of tea or coffee, after the service.


Evening Services are held jointly with friends from neighbouring churches. (During October these will be held in Wellington Church and please note that on the 5th the service will start at 8.00pm and end at 9.30).

Sunday 5 October

11am Rev Catriona Gorton: Philippians 4: 1 – 9 ‘Rejoice!’
N. B. This service will include Communion, during which four friends will be received into Membership

12.15pm Church Lunch       1pm Church Meeting
8pm ‘City Praise’ led by the Exile Choir, Band, and Orchestra

Sunday 12 October

11am Rev Catriona Gorton: Harvest Thanksgiving – ‘Plants for Life and Light’
Our donations for ‘Operation Agri’ & ‘Glasgow City Mission’ will be received

7pm Roger Sturrock: ‘The Christian Manifesto’ (3)

Sunday 19 October

11am Rev Catriona Gorton: ‘Freedom Sunday’ – Human Trafficking

7pm Robin Green: ‘Unweaving the Rainbow’

Sunday 26 October

11am Rev Catriona Gorton: Matthew 22: 15 – 40 ‘Taxing Questions’

7pm Rev Catriona Gorton: ‘One World Week’

Audio Recordings 

Sunday Morning Services 

Podcast of Short Version of Morning Services

WEF Philosophy Cafe Audio Recordings 

Rev T Kerr Spiers: Service of Thanksgiving